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Nora MX Goes to FatCats!

We know Mid year calendar changes are never ideal, but as im sure everyone will agree, the 2024 race season has been hit with some pretty poor weather and put a hold on all the fun!

In light of the first 4 rounds having to be cancelled due to poor weather, we are planning on adding a new double header weekend to try and recover to a 9 round season - October 26th & 27th! (We are still confirming all the logistics to this, including if this round will include Sidecars, or any British Rounds, but wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible)

We know this is later in the year than MX Seasons would normally run, but last year we were still seeing reasonable weather into October! We are planning to hold this event at FatCat Motoparc - Being a similar distance from Oxford to Warmigham lane, we are sure it will be worth the journey! FatCats track has managed to cope with the weather early this year, and were even holding events during the early part of this year!

We appreciate this date may not suit everyone, however we are doing our best to avoid clashing with any other race events and give everyone as much riding time through out 2024 as possible! - Hopefully the early notice will give everyone enough time to save the date for what we hope will be a fantastic final round to end the season on!

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