Welcome to Nora MX Riders 2022 race season update.

We look forward to welcoming all riders, their family and friends during the coming months.

Here is some information that we hope you will find useful:-

The Quads will be run as a 5-race weekend and mostly will be 3 races day1 and 2 races day 2. (Pro, Pro-Am and Pro-am Rookie – see your group info below how your group will run).

The first race of the season will be a pick a peg and thereafter will be on result from previous race. (Exception Pro, Pro-am and Pro-am Rookie).

If you miss a race then you will start at the back row.

Group Information:-

50cc and 100cc – New for the 2022 season the 90cc four stroke (no engine modification) will run in the 50cc class under Y1 licence.

250cc A/C and Open – No change

Ladies Championship – This will continue to run within the Inters class.

Inters – No change

Clubman and Clubman Elite – depending on rider numbers we will run separate races for these groups – This is to aid growth in these popular groups and to ensure safety where possible and to encourage the continual improvement of racing in our sport. However, if lower numbers or during season numbers reduce, we will put these groups together in a merged group scored separately on one gate drop.

Maters A and Masters B – will run together and on one gate drop – gate position will be on overall previous race result (after initial peg pick within each class).

Pro, Pro-am and Pro-am Rookie-

The Rookies are young riders who are making the step up into the Pro / Pro-am class they will have 1 year only in the Rookie group and will have an end of year Trophy and those under 21 will be included in the U21 end year Championship.

This group at start of each race day will have 1 sighting lap under waved yellow flags and then a 15min open qualifying for gate position. There then will be 2 X 20 mins + 1 lap races.

Sidecar Open National Championship.

With the major success of the 2021 introduction of the Nora MX National Open Side Car championship, we look forward to welcome all sidecars including Twin shock and Super Evo to contest the 2022 Nora Open National Championship. We are considering an Elite / Clubman (A/B) format within the start line to encourage and enhance the championship they will be scored overall and also as separate groups. Rider eligibility for the groups to be finalised before the first round due Culham due Saturday 21st May.

Looking forward to see you all very soon. Kindest regards

Richard Shaw and the Nora MX Team

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