Nora MX 2021

The 2021 racing season got off to a quiet start with COVID restrictions in place over the winter which meant that motocross events were all cancelled.

As soon as lockdown was eased the Nora MX team were ready to go and organised a practice weekend to get their quad riders back on the track and blow away the cobwebs. It was possible to host COVID secure events with no spectators, although riders and mechanics are allowed to bring their family bubbles, with social distancing in place.

For this practice, as well as the usual quad classes there was also an invite to the sidecars, they had also been missing their track time and were keen to join, in fact there were so many entrants the practice was split across two groups, we even saw five sidecar GP teams joining them.

With practices complete, the Nora MX Championship started with a great first event held at the Grittenham track near Chippenham in Wiltshire. This was just one of the fantastic tracks that were used by the Nora MX Championship across the year.The championship was a ten round Quad Championship, and for the first time Sidecars invited to seven of those rounds competing for the new ACU Sidecar National Open Championship title.

There was a huge amount of support with six quad groups of which 6 of the 13 classes ACU British Titles. (Pro / Pro Am, Clubman Elite / Masters A, Clubman / Masters B, Intermediates / Ladies, 250cc Open / Air Cooled, 100cc Geared / 50cc Auto / 100cc Auto), and one sidecar group - it was agreed that the GP riders could race, but not for championship points.

All the ten events were well organised and ran smoothly, with few dramas. Notable exceptions were the extremes of the weather conditions where dust or rain had a negative impact and the Nora MX team had to go into pro-active mode to water, scrape and replan events as needed to keep things going.

The races themselves were full of battles, from the smallest of tots to the greatest of experienced British Championship riders. Every point was well fought for and well deserved – it was great to watch those riders cheered on by their supporters and the celebrations they had when their teams won.

In whilst the planning goes on ready for a new season, the Nora MX team want to congratulate the winners, and are planning a special event in the new year.

Richard Shaw explains:

“We see the end to another competitive racing season, with plenty of ups and downs on and off the track.

Managing and running our Nora MX series has been challenging at times but I have enjoyed it and do it for the good of the sport.

This has been the first year running the ACU National Sidecar Open Championship, it has been a pleasure to welcome all the sidecar teams, their families, friends, and followers.

The National Open sidecar has brought great spotlight on the sidecar and Quad racing this year with fantastic racing throughout all the championships from the first drop of the gate at Grittenham in April until the Final chequered at West Meon in October.

With Racing comes injuries and we would like to say to all our downed riders this year speedy recoveries and thank you to our Sharp Medical Services Team.

Behind the scenes there are numerous people on our team that really keep the event wheels oiled and running and everyone with the same outlook to have a great day’s racing.

Massive shout out to all our Sponsors that Keep Nora MX moving - without you it simply wouldn't happen.

We will be hosting the Nora MX "Wheels of Love" Presentation, where the top six riders from each championship class are to be crowned (with all 50cc and 100cc riders also getting a trophy).

It is to be held at The Double Tree Hilton Oxford Belfry, on 12th Feb 2022 (Valentine’s weekend). Details of the event can be found on the web site:

At the event there will be a raffle in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance who will be present to receive Monies raised over previous race seasons. Any Raffle prizes for the presentation evening would be gratefully received please email

That only leaves us to send our best wishes for the winter and for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you all soon - Richard and Shirley”

Championship final standings

Class Sponsor Championship

50cc Auto Race Spec Titanium Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Bentley Don Garrett 942

2 Oliver Dawson 610

3 Shay McKenna 579

4 Macson Lorton 400

5 Blair Hyndman 277

6 Poppy Davies 190

Class Sponsor Championship

100cc Auto RC Construction Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Harriet Mewes 976

2 Beatrix Drinkwater 883

3 Josh Smart 841

4 Ella Robe 713

5 Seth Terrell 691

6 Dexter Griffin 625

Class Sponsor Championship

100cc Geared Lamo Championship Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Reggie Binskin 1054

2 Olly McDonald 954

3 Luca Shaw 875

4 Seth Balaam 854

5 Amelia Talent 821

6 Malachy McKenna 778

Class Sponsor Championship

100cc ALL Lamo British

Position Name Points

1 Reggie Binskin 969

2 Olly McDonald 877

3 Luca Shaw 792

4 Seth Balaam 762

5 Harriet Mewes 745

6 Amelia Talent 722

Class Sponsor Championship

250 Open Arrow Self Drive British

Position Name Points

1 Josh McKnight 994

2 Andrew Black 927

3 Aled Davies 913

4 Lewis Humphris 893

5 Riley Honor 699

6 Rylee Marshall 666

Class Sponsor Championship

250 Air cooled ED Racing British

Position Name Points

1 Rosh Dillion 941

2 Louie Holt 867

3 Arthur McDonald 860

4 Connor Yates 767

5 Frank Marston 736

6 Ellie Stott 599

Class Sponsor Championship

Inters Mx Academy Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Myles Mott 801

2 Shelley Smart 789

3 Nicole Lowry 785

4 Max turner 772

5 Alfie North 670

6 Stephen Claro 612

Class Sponsor Championship

Ladies KATV British

Position Name Points

1 Shelley Smart 943

2 Nicole Lowry 908

3 Shanice Mott 752

4 Susan Coalter 715

5 Chloe Keitch 706

6 Maddie Martin 608

Class Sponsor Championship

Clubman Elite Quad Bikes R Us British

Position Name Points

1 Luke Berlyn 976

2 Dylan McKenna 795

3 Iestyn Rees 742

4 Scott Berlyn 705

5 Catrin Davies 620

6 Daniel Scott Evans 522

Class Sponsor Championship

Clubman KIK ATV Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Harry Koller 817

2 Luke Brown 761

3 Connor Paxton 757

4 Will Mead 750

5 Lewis Painter 687

6 Gary Griffin 649

Class Sponsor Championship

Masters A 247 Diamond Drilling British

Position Name Points

1 Edward Davies 976

2 Johnathon McKnight 850

3 Darren Bridge 753

4 Chris Keitch 746

5 John Hall 719

6 Geoff Otway 642

Class Sponsor Championship

Master B ATV UK Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Matthew Kirk 835

2 Steven Smart 762

3 Stumpy Lawrence 738

4 Christopher Gyles 726

5 Jason Hall 654

6 Rick Jones 608

Class Sponsor Championship

Pro ATV’s Only Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Dafydd Davies 678

2 Mark McLernon 667

3 Jamie Morgan 596

4 Dean Dillion 574

5 Harry Walker 560

6 Carl Bunce 443

Class Sponsor Championship

Pro Am AJ Wilcock Nora MX Club

Position Name Points

1 Alfie Walker 678

2 Chad Beevers 656

3 Kevin Meenagh 622

4 Aaron Haslett 554

5 Ayrton Knowles 281

6 Marcus Sprason 266

Class Sponsor Championship

Sidecar Berkshire Cycles Sidecar National Open

Position Name Points

1 Jack Etheridge / Jim Kinge 592

2 Paul Pelling / Jack Wilkinson 528

3 Lee Foyle / Kevin Foyle 493

4 Sam Osbalbsin / Harley Lloyd 478

5 Tilo Maguire / Toby Hutchins 466

6 John Murch / Tony Murch 430


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