Nora-MX QX Championship, round 7, Sunday 7th July, Cusses Gorse, Wiltshire No fewer than 134 riders enjoyed a sun-drenched end to the Nora-MX club’s 2019 season. Whilst the Pro and Pro Am class winners were determined at the previous Nora-MX event, there was still much to play for across the remaining groups, thus ensuring the racing battles continued throughout until the final chequered flag fell. All Nora-MX competitors were awarded an additional 100 points for starting the first race of the last round, thereby, rewarding those who supported the club right to the very end.

Robbie Wood and Luke Berlyn; 250cc The Clubman championship was won by Gary Atkinson, who proved the value of never giving up. He began the season with a catalogue of disasters, taking zero points from the opening round, to win the series by five points ahead of Thomas Yates. He won the first and second motos, with Adult-racing newbie Alfie Walker winning the final race, to take second overall ahead of Lewis Rowles, who also finished third in the championship. The 250 overall went to Luke Berlyn with a second and two wins. Robbie Wood, who has dominated this class this year, won the first race and finished second overall on the day, but his season-long form ensured he lifted the class crown by 43 points over Berlyn with Chad Beevers in third. Ed Davies once again stamped his considerable mark on the Masters with a maximum three wins and the championship title. Jonathan McKnight, who has kept him ‘honest’ all year finished in an uncustomary fourth overall after a last race incident which saw go from second off the line right to very last and then claw his way back to 10th. His previous solid performances were enough to secure him the championship runners-up position, with Greg Fisher third.

Masters B; Stumpy Lawrence The combined Novice and Ladies class saw Catrin Davies take the overall win in both classes with a full house of points in the Ladies over Georgia Lent and Shelley Smart, but she didn’t have it all her own way in the individual Novice races. Iestyn Rees took a flag-to-flag win in the first race, with Davies and Reece Swann second and third, and it was a repeat result in the second moto where Swann worked his way through from mid-pack. Davies was back out in front for the final race though, with Swann second and Roach third – on track. The overall Novice championship was won by Davies with Smart second and Roach third. In the 100cc class, Alfie North was unbeatable in all three races and took the championship second, with second-on-the-day Connor Yates taking the series win. Frank Marston rounded out the podium in both the overall and championship. In a great display of ‘girls do rule’, Ella Robe won the 50cc category with a second and two wins, with championship winner Harriet Mews taking the other win and two seconds. Robe finished the season as 50cc vice champion with Malaky McKenna, who has had his fair share of bad luck this year, in third.

Louie Holt; 100cc RESULTS Clubman 1. Gary Atkinson 217 , 2. Alfie Walker 212, 3. Lewis Rowles 207 250 1. Luke Berlyn 217, 2. Robbie Wood 210, 3. Josh Talent 199 Masters 1. Ed Davies 220, 2. Greg Fisher 207, 3. Darren Bridge 201 Novice 1. Catrin Davies 214, 2. Reece Swann 207, 3. Iestyn Rees 204 Ladies 1. Catrin Davies 220, 2. Georgia Lent 209, 3. Shelley Smart 207 100cc 1. Alfie North 220, 2. Connor Yates 209, 3. Frank Marston 207 50cc 1. Ella Robe 217, 2. Harriet Mewse 214, 3. Morgan Humphreys 201 CHAMPIONSHIP PRO 1. Mark McLernon 560, 2. George Day 500, 3. Dafydd Davies 444, 4. George Callaway 440, 5. Tom Day 406, 6. Harry Walker 401 Clubman 1. Gary Atkinson 786, 2. Thomas Yates 781, 3. Lewis Rowles 743 250cc 1. Robbie Wood 894, 2. Luke Verlyn 851, 3. Chad Beevers 777 Masters 1. Ed Davies 888, 2. Johnathan McKnight 828, 3. Greg Fisher 804 Novice 1. Catrin Davies 881, 2. Shelley Smart 724, 3. Gavin Roach 712 Ladies 1. Catrin Davies 934, 2. Shelley Smart 841, 3. Georgia Lent 827 100cc 1. Connor Yates 886, 2. Alfie North 846, 3. Frank Marston 835 50cc 1. Harriet Mews 853, 2. Ella Robe 826, 3. Malaky McKenna 768

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