Nora-MX QX Championship, round 5, Sunday 2nd June, Mildenhall, Ipswich

Leading quad-racing club Nora-MX welcomed glorious weather conditions and well over one hundred riders to the fifth round of its club championship, held at the club’s furthest venue Mildenhall, Ipswich.

With Nora-MX also hosting the Cromwell Trucks British QX Championship, which included a good number of wildcard riders, the club didn’t run its premier Pro and Pro-Am classes. However, there was plenty of action throughout the rest of the groups on the well-prepped track, with thrilling battles and position changes aplenty. Such was the competitiveness of the day, that only three riders claimed maximum points; Michael Haydon (Clubman), Catrin Davies (ACU Ladies), and Brooke Bunce (100cc Auto).

In the 250s, Robbie Wood took a first and two seconds, extending his championship lead. Alfie Walker recovered from what could have been a first race disaster, when an off at the start of the race saw him back in last position. He steadily picked his way back to fifth and went on to take start to finish wins in the next two motos, to secure second overall and second in the championship by just two points ahead of third-placed Luke Berlyn. Iestyn Rees won the Air-Cooled sub-class ahead of Josh McKnight and Aled Davies in third.

Gary Atkinson took two seconds and a win to take the Clubman Elite overall, with Ryan Walters in second and Thomas Yates taking third with the first race win and a pair of fifths. Last race winner Lewis Rowles was unlucky in the first race when he went from third down to 18th, eventually finishing 15th, but his third place in race two pulled him back up to fourth overall. Haydon held off all challenges in the Clubman sector to take the overall. Sonney Ward took all runner-up slots and Marcus Sprason took two thirds and a fifth to secure third overall.

In the Masters A, head of the Davies quad-racing dynasty Ed Davies easily won the first race with Johnathan McKnight in second and Chris Keitch third. Davies did same in the second race with both McKnight and Ben Richmond also maintaining their start to finish positions. McKnight took the third race win though, with Davies falling to fifth after a couple of laps, pulling back to third but then ending up in an uncustomary fifth. McKnight took the overall Masters B saw Gary Jones take a second and two wins with Vet Richard Clark posting a creditable first place result in the opening moto, to take second overall ahead of Pete Bates in third.

The combined Novice and ACU Ladies saw Gavin Roach take an early lead in race one, but he DNF’d leaving the way clear for another super-fast Davies, in the form of Catrin, to take the win on track and the Ladies class, followed by Georgia Lent second. Dillon Stepney took the Novice class win. Davies enjoyed a flag-to-flag win in race two on track. Lent DNF’d, and Roach took first place in the Novice category. The lads retaliated in the final race though, with Roach taking the track and Novice win and Davies keeping him company in second, whilst taking three straight Ladies wins. Stepney went third-to-third to take the Novice overall.

The 100cc open and autos mixed with the 50cc autos and all competitors rode their hearts out for club championship glory. In the open class, Alfie North with two wins and a fifth, tied on points with Connor Yates who secured three seconds, whilst Frank Marston who took the second race win, grabbed a pair of thirds and third overall. In the autos, young Brooke Bunce enjoyed a spot of girl power taking all class wins ahead of another fast-girl Ellie Stott. Ethan Legg held third in class. The girls were again out in force in the youngest category with Harriet Mewse securing two seconds and a win for the overall. Morgan Humphreys took second and Bea Drinkwater third. Malaky McKenna won the first race and was then unlucky to DNF in the second race, he bounced back though to take the last 50cc last race win.


250 Open

1. Robbie Wood 114, 2. Alfie Walker 111, 3. Luke Berlyn 105

250 air-cooled

1. Iestyn Rees 117, 2. Josh McKnight 112, 3. Aled Davies 107

Clubman Elite

1. Gary Atkinson 114, 2. Ryan Walters 103, 3. Thomas Yates 102


1. Michael Haydon, 2. Sonney Ward 111, 3. Marcus Sprason 101

Masters A

1. Johnathan McKnight 114, 2. Edward Davies 111, 3. Ben Richmond 103

Masters B

1. Gary Jones 117, 2. Richard Clark (V) 102, 3. Pete Bates 97


1. Dillon Stepney 114, 2. Gavin Roach 109, 3. Adam Lomas 105

ACU Ladies

1. Catrin Davies 120, 2. Shelly Smart 109, 3. Georgia Lent 105

100cc Open

1. Alfie North 111, 2. Connor Yates 111, 3. Frank Marston 110

100cc Auto

1. Brooke Bunce 120, 2. Ellie Stott 109, 3. Ethan Legg 99


1. Harriet Mewse 11, 2. Morgan Humphreys 107, 3. Bea Drinkwater 99


250 Open

1. Robbie Wood 567, 2. Alfie Walker 531, 3. Luke Berlyn 529


1. Ed Davies 591, 2. Johnathan McKnight 519, 3. Greg Fisher 508


1. Catrin Davies 537, 2. Gavin Roach 443, 3. Shelley Smart 426


1. Connor Yates 568, 2. Frank Marston 516, 3. Alfie North 511


1. Harriet Mewse 532, 2. Malaky McKenna 490, 3. Ella Robe 459

Next up for Nora-MX is round 6 on the 23rd of June at Milton Malsor, Northants, NN7 3AW. More information at

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