Nora MX Race Report Rd4

Nora-MX QX Championship, round 4, Sunday 19th May, West Meon, Hampshire

The fourth round of the 2019 Nora-MX Championship headed to deepest Hampshire to the fast and flowing West Meon track last Sunday. Just shy of 150 riders turned up for what proved to be a challenging and uber-competitive day’s racing which ran on time, despite the need for a dose of start-line watering to keep the dust under control.

A different winner for each of the Pro/Pro Am class races kept things fresh in the premier group, with Under-21 Dafydd Davies taking an impressive flag-to-flag win in the opening moto. George Day mirrored that result in the second race, taking the holeshot and the win. George Callaway did the same in the final Pro race, ending his day on a high note, after struggling with machines issues and a DNF in the early stages of the first race, and a mid-pack result in the second. Tom Day and Sheldon Seal also held start-to-finish positions in the last race. Whilst Mark McLernon didn’t win a race, he proved that consistency pays off to take the overall win with two seconds and a fourth place finish, extending his championship lead in the process. Davies finished second overall, ahead of George Day, Simon Hammersley, Carl Bunce and Oli Sansom. Harry Walker missed this round due to contesting the first round of the EMX Quad Championship. In the Pro-Am sub class, Iestyn Rowlands took three straight wins.

The 250 group also saw straight winners, with Alfie Walker in the 250 Open wining all three motos ahead of championship leader Robbie Wood. Walker was never bettered in the first race, but Wood was back at him in race two, leading off the start and fending off Walker’s attempts to pass until lap five. The last race was a repeat result of race two, but with Walker passing Wood after the first lap. Luke Berlyn took three solid third places and third overall. Iestyn Rees won all three 250 Air-Cooled races.

The Masters A was again all about Ed Davies, who led from the start in the first two races, but uncharacteristically, was a little slower off the start in the third. He soon made short work of it though and took just two laps to move from third to first. Johnathan McKnight took three seconds. Greg Fisher took the final podium positions in first and last race but his race two ninth, pushed him into fourth overall, leaving Ben Richmond to take third overall on the day with two fourths and third. Veteran Stumpy Lawrence took third overall in the Masters B sector behind Gary Jones and Pete Bates - just two years after a start line incident where he broke his pelvis at the same venue.

The Clubman class saw another pair of clear leaders with Lewis Rowles taking all three Elite wins and Michael Haydon all three Clubman motos.

Another Davies was on a roll at West Meon with Catrin winning all three ACU Ladies races ahead of Ameelie Miller, who took three seconds, and Shelley Smart with three third places. In the Novice category, Dillion Stepney won, with Gavin Roach and Cameron in second and third, However, on track, it was a different story as the girls romped home at the front of the combined class. In the first race Miller shot off the line with Davies close on her rear wheel, Davies was quickly through on the second lap and Wildman in third, couldn’t catch them. In the second race, Davies and Miller held their first and second start positions to the chequered flag with Dillon Stepney winning the Novice race but in third on track. It was a repeat result out front in the final, which also saw the top eight riders maintain their starting places right through to the end.

The hard-fought Youth sector witnessed several gutsy performances with a maximum 120 points from Connor Yates in the 100cc Open, and Brooke Bunce staying out in front in the Auto sub-group. It was all about girl power in the 50cc class with Ella Robe winning the first and third races, taking the overall and the championship lead. Harriet Mewse posted a third and two seconds, to take second on the day and in the championship, relegating Malachy McKenna - whose second and first place results were let down with a DNF in the final race - to third. Bea Drinkwater and Elise Plank also feature in the championship top six, outnumbering the boys four to two.

Next up for Nora-MX is round five on the 2nd of June 2019, at Mildenhall, Ipswich, where Nora-MX will host Round 4 of the official ACU British Championships (Nora Pro riders wishing to ride need to contact Sonia at the ACU on 01788 566404 for a wildcard entry).



1. Mark McLernon 107, 2. Dafydd Davies 106, 3. George Day 92, 4. Simon Hammersley 89, 5. Carl Bunce 87, 6. Oli Sansom 85


1. Iestyn Rowlands 120, 2. Jack Naylor 107, 3. Jamie Morgan 107

250 Open

1. Alfie Walker 120, 2. Robbie Wood 111, 3. Luke Berlyn 105

250 Air-Cooled

1. Iestyn Rees 120, 2. Gary Atkinson 111, 3. Lewis Painter 103


1. Michael Haydon 120, 2. Sonney Ward 111, 3. Charlie Davis 103

Clubman Elite

1. Lewis Rowles 120, 2. Gary Atkinson 111, 3. Thomas Yates

Masters A

1. Ed Davies 120, 2. Johnathan McKnight 111, 3. Ben Richmond 101

Masters B

1. Gary Jones 117, 2. Pete Bates 105, 3. Stumpy Lawrence 88


1. Dillon Stepney 111, 2. Gavin Roach 109, 3. Cameron Wildman 106

ACU Ladies

1. Catrin Davies 120, 2. Ameelie Miller 111, 3. Shelley Smart 103

100cc Open

1. Connor Yates 120, 2. Alfie North 101, 3. Riley Honor 103

100cc Auto

1. Brooke Bunce 117, 2. Charlie Eaton 103, 3. Blake Orr 97


1. Ella Robe 113, 2. Harriet Mewse 109, 3. Malachy McKenna 77



1. Mark McLernon 436, 2. George Day 384, 3. George Callaway 379, 4. Dafydd Davies 377, 5. David Hammersley 313, 6. Harry Walker 310


1. Robbie Wood 453, 2. Luke Berlyn 424, 3. Alfie Walker 420, 4. Dylan McKenna 396, 5. Chad Beevers 380, 6. Lewis Humpris 347


1. Ed Davies 480, 2. Greg Fisher 413, 3. Johnathan McKnight 405, 4. Darren Bridge 358, 5. David Marriott 333, 6. Chris Keitch 331


1. Catrin Davies 435, 2. Gavin Roach 356, 3. Bradley Goddard 342, 4. Shelley Smart 342, 5. Cameron Wildman 336, 6. Ameelie Miller 317


1. Connor Yates 457, 2. Riley Honor 406, 3. Frank Marston 406, 4. Alfie North 400, 5. Louie Hold 376, 6. Charlie Eaton 308


1. Ella Robe 459, 2. Harriet Mewse 418, 3. Malachy McKenna 410, 4. Morgan Humphreys 321, 5. Bea Drinkwater 188, 6. Elise Plank 60.

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