September 12th, 2018.

Nora-MX QX Championship, round 8, Sunday 9th Sept, West Meon, Hampshire

The penultimate round of the 2018 Nora-MX Championship was held at the superbly-prepared West Meon track in Hampshire. Hundreds of tons of screeded soil, with a sand section and a few extra twists and turns, made for great spectator viewing as well as competitive racing.

Daffyd Davies was one of three champions crowned on the day. He took his first Pro title, to add to the long list of titles he’s already collected. Jago Jackson won the prestigious official ACU British 100cc gearbox class and, in its initial year, the popular novice class was won by Ryan Hickman.

Six riders were within 0.9 seconds of each other in qualifying. Harry Walker emerged on top, setting the fastest lap time of 1m:50.7s.

Walker was off to a blistering start in the first moto with Davies and Tom Day giving chase. A pile-up behind them on the third corner ruled out a few top riders, with championship contender George Day in that mix. Walker continued to control the race and took a comfortable win over Davies and Tom Day. Post-race, however, Walker was demoted to fifth following a "jumped gate" which promoted Davies to first place.

George Day claimed the holeshot in the second moto and held the lead for five laps before Walker made a pass stick and took the lead. Later on in the race, George Callaway surged through the pack to pass George Day, with just one lap to go, and grabbed an impressive second.

With the championship already won by Davies, the final race was a battle for second place between Callaway and George Day who tied on points. Callaway set out his stall, taking the holeshot and putting on a masterclass of fast riding to take the race win and second in the championship itself. Walker finished six seconds behind to take second in the race and first overall on the day. His fellow QXoN team-mate Callaway finished second overall.

Elsewhere, the entertaining Clubman class delivered another spectacle of fine racing. Zak Orchard entered the day with a 20 point lead over Ayrton Knowles. But, on the day, it was all about Knowles who clawed his way back into championship contention with three impressive wins.

In the 100cc open class Rory Wood was the first rider this year to topple Jago Jackson in a race. Jackson though proved to be a worthy champion with two wins and a second on the day.

Ryan Hickman took the Novice class championship posting a first, second and third on the day.

In the Masters "A", Ed Davies continued his winning run this year to make it 18 wins on the bounce.

Robbie Wood put the pressure on Jack Young in the 250cc class championship but Young was on top by the end of the day.

Overall on day results;

Pro/Pro Am

1. Harry Walker (5, 1, 2), 2. George Callaway (9, 2, 1), 3. Tom Day (2, 6th, 4th)

100cc overall

1. Jago Jackson (1,2,1), 2. Alfie North (2,4,3), 3. Rory Wood (13,1,2)

250cc overall

1. Jack Young (2,1,1), 2nd Robbie Wood (2,4,3), 3rd Zak Beevers (3,3,4)

Clubman overall:

1. Ayrton Knowles (1,1,1), 2. Zak Orchard (3,2,2), 3. Gary Atkinson (5,4,3)

Masters "A"

1. Ed Davies (1, 1, 1), 2. Greg Fisher (2, 2, 4), 3. Chris Keitch (3, 3, 3)

Masters "B"

1. Geoff Otway (3,1,1), 2. Richard Clark (1,2,2), 3. David Marriott (2,3,3)


1. Myles Mott (2, 1, 1), 2. Ryan Hickman (2, 1, 3), 3. Reece Swann (3, 3, 2)



1. Dafydd Davies 513, 2. George Callaway 473, 3. George Day 469


1. Jago Jackson, 2. Rory Wood 722, 3. Frank Marston 670


1. Jack Young 680, 2. Robbie Wood 652, 3. Alfie Walker 587


1. Zak Orchard 685, 2. Ayrton Knowles 683, 3. Lewis Rowles 534

Masters A

1. Edward Davies 720, 2. Greg Fisher 614, 3. Chris Keitch 581

Masters B

1. Geoff Otway 715, 2. David Marriott 611, 3. Richard Clark 587


1. Ryan Hickman 751, 2. William Dunlop 731, 3. Luke Brown 665

Next up; the final round at Foxhills on 14th October.

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