Nora Mx Championship Round 4 - halfway point!!

Nora hosted the most challenging Event yet and equally the furthest west one could really go - Landrake – Saltash was prepared impeccably and would have been the perfect venue until the heavens opened during Saturday releasing some 10mm -1months of rainfall in one day !!

Most will agree its was one of the best tracks we have had the privilege of Racing and almost incident free

Three blocks of racing where achieved with Nora – Mx equally hosting the ACU Cromwell Trucks British Championships !!! Which made for some entertaining spectating with three different winners !!

In the highly entertaining 250cc class, George Oliver recorded his first overall win of the season with a 2nd and two good wins. Shelley Smart made her presence known with 2 fine hole shots, one of which saw her and other ‘boy beater ‘ racer Catrin Davies lead all of the lads in the early stages!

The Clubman Elite went Iestyn Rowlands way, after he recovered from an off in race 1 whilst leading, leaving the door open for Aryton Knowles to take the win, followed by Greg Thynne in 2nd and Rhydian Owen taking 3rd spot. In Race 2 Aryton Knowles made a good recovery after stalling on the line, making up to 7th place. Race 3 was tight to the end with Iestyn Rowlands leading from Rhydian Owen, who was close on his heals, ready to pounce at the first opportunity. Iestyn wrapped up the win on the day and his second overall on the trot with a 5th and two firsts.

KTM mounted Rick Jones gave a lesson in holeshots to the others in the Masters Support class with three of them! He used this as a platform to get his best results of the season in 2nd place behind Mark Smith.

Another triple hole shot hero was Michael Haydon who noted that it was his Novice group up for the hole shot prizes and came away with not one but three pairs of Rip & Roll goggles for his work. Unfortunately for Haydon, his blistering starts were not enough to get any where near the dominant Scott Berlyn in this class.

Ed Davies returned to top form in the Masters “A” class with 3 holeshots and 3 straight wins although Tom Day in the British Support gave him a run for his money finishing only 1.4 behind him in Race 3.

And Mister 100% Luke Berlyn continued with his dominance in the 100cc group, with yet another 3 wins to keep his 100% record intact. His closest rival was again Robbie Wood with three 2nd places.


Clubman Overall: 1 Iestyn Rowlands (5,1,1), 2 Rhydian Owen (3,2,2), 3 Greg Thynne (5,3,2).

Clubman sub class winner: Harry Carmichael.

Masters “A”: 1 Ed Davies (1,1,1), 2 Jonathan McKnight (2,2,3), 3 Greg Fisher (5,3,2).

Experts Support: Tom Day (1,1,1), 2 Jack Norris (3,2,4), 3 Jordan Hickman (4,5,2)

Out the Box: 1 Joe Williams (1,1,2), 2 Matt Burroughs (2,2,1), 3 Pete Bates (4,3,3).

250cc Overall: 1 George Oliver (2,1,1), 2 Zak Orchard (3,2,2), 3 Catrin Davies (1,4,4)

250cc Standard class winner: Jack Evans.

Adult Novices: 1 Scott Berlyn (1,1,1), 2 Georgia Lent (2,4,5), 3 Ross Holmes (7,3,3).

Masters Support: 1 Mark Smith (2,2,2), 2 Rick Jones (3,1,4), 3 Geoff Otway (1,8,1).

100cc Overall: 1 Luke Berlyn (1,1,1), 2 Robbie Wood (2,2,2), 3 Tom Bainbridge (4,4,4).

100cc Subclass winner: Frank Marston

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