West Meon Round 1 2017

What an eventful first round !

First week of April and we started watering it Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a sprinkle 6.30 am Sunday morning. The track held up well on the hottest day of 2017 and would have coped with 3 blocks of racing if incidents had been a little fewer. Two blocks where successfully completed,

Results are all up on my laps.

Our thoughts go out to Stumpy 'Nora's 'Voice' who was making yet another quad comeback !

Stumpy has a Broken pelvis, after a start line incident leaving both him and the bike upside down

Stumpy will need to undergo an operation probably tomorrow, we will keep you all posted.

The club wishes a few other riders speedy recoveries too,

Pat Carr, Steven Smart, Trevor Humphris, and Alfie North - We wish you all our best wishes.


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