Nora Mx @ ACU Awards Ceremony

Both Dean Dillon and Alfie Walker travelled to the Annual ACU Awards Ceremony at the National Motorcycle Museum Birmingham where they where crowned British champions for 2016 in there respective classes 100cc geared and 250cc open.

Dillon winning 6 out of the 9 rounds and Walker winning 7 out of the 9 both lads always being on the podium throughout all the rounds despite feirce competition from there competitive rivals.

Alfie will now ride his 150cc powered machine in the 250cc class and Dillon in his native Ireland now 15yrs can ride his 250cc Machine in the 450cc clubman class and intends to visit the UK and do the same at selected Nora-mx meetings.

Nora-Mx wish both boys a safe and sucessful 2017

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