Well ! Where did that go ??

To say this quad thing has taken our lives over a little bit would be an understatement !

Hopefully you have all enjoyed a fairly seamless transition into 2016 experiencing some terrific venues with some excellent spectator viewing experienced too?

A couple of smallchanges for 2017 – Nora Dates 2017 – 8 Rounds ‘All Rounds Count’

Awards Night February 11th Oxford Belfry – accommodation available details to follow.

Membership Forms – Reserve your 2016 club number. Join now to secure your existing number, still @ £60 for the year.

A BIG THANKYOU to all Sponsors ! If you are able to continue into 2017 please make yourself known and any new ones welcome, as we cant survive without you !

NEW– Novice Class – run alongside Masters B offered @ £45 Entry (year one) to encourage new blood to our Quad scene as our Clubman Class is so well attended & competitive.

Nora is likely to host 2 ACU British Quad Rounds – Venue’s to be confirmed. A growing ‘Out the Box’ Class will continue to run, but alongside the Masters A (split gate if numbers prevail).

Just do it...it's a long time until the start of the 2017 season!!

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