Pont De Vaux 2019


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PDV 2019 - Kids Contest

August 23th-26th 2019

Macon In France

Anyone wishing to take their kids to experience the 'Best Quad Festival' in the world with parking on the campus all for €90 entry fee.

Kids get qualifying and 3 x 15 minute races over the 3 days.

3 classes available

Benjamin's - 9-11yrs old - 65 2T/90cc 4T

Minimes - 12-13yrs old - 85cc 2T/904T or 150cc 4T

Cadets - 13-15yrs old - 125cc 2T/250cc 4T

You need from the UK

ACU One Event International Licence

Which includes your Start permission @ £56.

(you will need an eye & doctors examination) 

Licence forms -  - Contact Kirsty @ the ACU.

You can send entries into for Kids Quad contest and we will organise your entry.


The 12 Hr race is now competed over 4 sessions.

A 2hr ,A 5 hr into the night and a 3 and a 2 hr.

You need lights for this and 2-3 pilots !

The competition is very high and competitors for all over the world come to compete in the best race in the world.

All additional information regarding race schedule etc. is available on


You need from the UK

ACU One event international licence @ £56 which includes your start permission. 

(You will need an eye & doctors examination)

Licence forms - - Contact Kirsty @ the ACU. 

PDV Kenney Quad.png

The Kenny cup is competitive, 4 hour race covered over 2 sessions. 1-2 pilots

All licence information for all PDV races can be found below.

Quad Des Nations - Germany 4/5/6th Oct. 2019

Quad Des Nations 2019 Germany.png


Licenced riders wishing to ride In Europe

You need 2 things + Doctors examination  = 3

·   You need to obtain an 'International licence' at a cost of One Event £10 or Annual £30, this will include having a Doctors Examination, which is a tick the box Medical - not difficult.  Normally cheaper from an independent doctor than your own GP.

·   The form is available to download on line from the ACU website

·   The ACU then issue  'Start Permission'

·        Start permission is required by the promoters of other clubs to confirm you have the permission from your governing body (ACU), which is affiliated to the FIM, (Federation of International Motorsports)

·   This is mailed to the club organizer’s in advance of the meeting, you also get a copy always take it.

It also confirms that you have the correct level of insurance to cover any injury/Hospital costs and importantly Repatriation costs to get you back home,

the costs of this are as follows...






Rest of the World one event excluding USA and USA versions are also available

(Most Domestic House Travel insurances do not cover Extreme sports such as ours) 


Warning - Oldies/Medical


If you are over 50 yrs. of age you need a 'Working Cardiogram’ (ECG.) This is a little harder to Organize, there are private hospitals who carry this out but don't just get it done and send it in, you need a Doctor who can read it and sign it to say you are fit enough to carry out strenuous exercise I believe its valid for 3 years?

(Guess what! ... I know this from experience.... yes I know I don't look that old!!)


European Riders Wishing to Ride with NORA-MX


We willingly invite all European riders to come and ride with Nora-Mx.....


All 7 of our 2019 events are now lodged with the European Motocross diary of the Affiliated clubs within the


I believe, you can enter the Meeting on the ACU Website.

They will carry an 'E' No. before the Permit Number of each meeting so all the various Motorcycle clubs affiliated to the FIM can see them to allocate 'Start Permission'.  

You can organize this in your own country and currency who will confirm this with the ACU in the UK,

(Please bring a copy with you to the Meeting).



You can come to the UK without Permission and Pay our 'Day only Insurance' at a cost of £95; this can be completed at the time of Signing on in the Nora Truck.

  The Event Entry will be required @  £ 60 Adult, £55 Youth and £50 Junior in addition a £10 Nora-Mx Club Day membership if you are not an Annual Member.



















If you wish to compete at any or our events, this is the Code you will need to produce to your home Federation for a Licence & Insurance.



I hope this helps you obtain the relevant information to be able to Enjoy some of the Brilliant events held further away to make your Quad Adventure even more enjoyable.





European Motocross Annual £400 / £100 One Event.

  Ireland Motocross One Event £55

NORA 2019

Nora International Dates with EMN White